Can CBD Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Can CBD Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Several people have come out to state how Cannabidiol (CBD) has helped cure their erectile dysfunction. They say every time they use CBD related products they get an erection without a lot of effort and the penis stays erect.

For centuries, records show how Cannabis has and continues to be used for sexual enhancement. For decades, CBD’s use for boosting sexual activity is well documented.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Several factors make men suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction). Some of them include:

Endocrine problems: when the endocrine hormonal system has imbalances, various bodily functions such as libido and sexual ability get affected. The more the problem persists, the more prevalent the ED.

Toxic compounds: toxic drugs, food additives, pollution are some common factors that not only restrict blood flow; they also impede the body. Low blood flow isn’t enough for the penis to get erect.

Mental health: depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues cause sexual health problems. Drugs for treating health conditions are also known to lower libido.

Heart and Nervous problems: heart conditions mean low blood flow is pumped to various parts of the body including the penile area. Having a problem with the nervous system causes anxiety which in turn leads to ED and premature ejaculation.

Users are suffering from one or more of the above conditions that have used CBD having glowing reviews. They say that using CBD has helped them manage their erectile problems.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is an extract that’s taken from cannabis and hemp plants. Cannabidiol once consumed (orally, injection, or application) moves to regulate the endocannabinoid system, which is the body’s largest neurotransmitters system.

ECS (endocannabinoid system) conducts a plethora of functions in the body including boosting immunity, hormonal balance, and improving sexual ability. Cannabidiol indirectly regulates the ECS without inducing highness.

Its use in the body helps eradicate problems linked to ED. Some of the conditions that CBD helps alleviate include:

Anti Anxiety Effects: CBD fights off anxiety in the body by helping the mind and body go into a relaxed and calm state. Once relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system comes alive thus making the user have the ability to get an erection.

CBD use helps users get over social anxiety and gain the confidence to approach their partners for sexual activity. CBD use help gets rid of panic conditions when one over thinks about the sexual activity about to take place.

Anti-inflammatory effects: Cannabidiol is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It helps the immune system fight off invaders, thus boosting blood flow and assisting users in maintaining an erection.

Pain relief: Some people (1 in every one million) have a painful experience when engaging in sexual activity.

After getting medical assistance, some doctors may prescribe CBD to minimize and at time eliminate the pain. Women are advised to use a lubricant to rid away the pain.

Beating Insomnia: Lack of proper sleep causes numerous body problems including; low blood flow, mental health among others.

For people with chronic insomnia, CBD helps the body become relaxed, and sleep comes naturally. When used as prescribed, CBD helps improve overall well-being.

Using Cannabidiol To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Fortunately, since the FDA approved it, users can visit local head shops to purchase, CBD lube, CBD oil, and various Cannabidiol based products.

For states that have legalized medical marijuana use, doctors can prescribe CBD products to help treat ED. Some of the everyday CBD products used in treating erectile dysfunction include:

CBD Topicals: the products are applied to the body, and it gets absorbed directly into the skin. The effects start showing within minutes after application.

Some CBD topicals work as lube and can be applied in the vagina directly, however, check the list of ingredients to ensure that you agree with them before application.

CBD topicals can be applied to various body parts to fight off inflammation and boost blood flow.

CBD Lube: The lube is applied to the penis directly. The medicine gets absorbed into the skin and helps with the following aspects:
Direct skin absorption helps improve blood flow.

Once applied on the testicles and penis, it helps by enhancing the physical sex sensations for both parties engaging in sexual activity.
Applying CBD on the penis fights off internal inflammation thus helping the user gain an erection.

Vaping CBD: For people suffering from sexual anxiety, vaping CBD helps them become calm and confident. Vaping CBD immediately gets rid of the anxiety quicker than various ingestion methods.

Within 45 minutes after the user starts vaping, the anxiety melts off, and he/she will be comfortable and confident enough to take part in sexual pleasure.

Medical marijuana and CBD products play a vital role in the balancing of the body’s CB receptors. Once they kick in, they work to regain a state of equilibrium thus helping improve sexual health and activity.