How CBD Oil Helps With Anxiety

cannabidiol anxiety

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, and cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is a supplement that can be used to help treat many forms of anxiety. These include regular anxiety, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. We will examine in this article, what CBD oil is and how it helps with anxiety.


Cannabidiol oil is made up of many chemicals called cannabinoids. Like THC in marijuana, it binds to receptors in the brain thus producing mental effects. THC is just one of many cannabinoids. Cannabidiol oil has many different cannabinoids that produce anxiety relief symptoms that many people commonly feel. It can even help fight and prevent cancer. To consume, you can add it to your food and or just take it in drops as a supplement. It is not recommended to smoke the oil, however.

Can You Get High Off CBD Oil?

THC is the chemical compound that produces highness. CBD oil has very little THC and therefore has a very limited potential to get you high. You may still test positive in a drug test because of the trace levels of THC, but extremely unlikely to experience any of the side effects.

CBD Oil And Anxiety

Admittedly, before making any claims, note that most of the research has been done on medical marijuana, not CBD oil. However, many benefits have been reported in the limited studies thus far. Medical marijuana has shown to be promising in some cases to help fight off anxiety. While marijuana and CBD oil are similar, they should not be confused as being the same thing. It is important to look at studies on both extractions of the cannabis plant, marijuana, and CBD oil, individually to have a proper understanding. Both extractions of the plant are similar but have a different set of cannabidiol compounds.

An initial study conducted in 2010, found that CBD oil has positive effects on those suffering from social anxiety. Evidence showed that certain areas of the brain associated with the anxiety behave differently after ingesting the oil.

Another study conducted in 2011 showed benefits of CBD oil with anxiety once again, this time helping with those performing as public speakers. Those supplementing with CBD oil prior to public speaking found it a lot easier and beneficial.

A 2015 aggregate analysis showed that there was evidence CBD oil helps with many different types of anxiety disorders. This includes all the major known anxiety disorders including, obsessive-compulsive disorder and those suffering from common panic attacks.

The very same study still was not entirely optimistic yet when it comes to the effects of CBD Oil. Reason being, while the evidence thus far is promising, it is still in its infancy stage. All the side-effects are still yet not known. Also, while the effects are positive in the short term, it is not yet known what the effects are in the long term.

In one particular case in 2016 tested if CBD oil was able to help with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in a child, stemming from previous trauma. The results were indeed positive, as the child was reportedly sleeping better as a result of the cannabidiol.


Smoking cannabis may have negative side effects. This has been proven in a number of studies. Smoking cannabidiols in CBD, however, have not yet shown any negative effects. This shows that smoking CBD oil have could be a positive thing, as side effects such as addiction, lung damage or anxiety don’t occur.

Despite this, many states in the US have not yet legalized CBD oil. A few states like when it comes to marijuana, have legalized it although mainly for medical and research purposes.

It is important for people to make sure they are aware of the effects of CBD oil as much as possible before using it to treat anxiety. The best way to do this is to consult your doctor before taking it as a treatment for anything. Your doctor should also inform you how much you should take, as currently there are no official guidelines published in terms how much you should be taking.


The role that CBD oil plays in relieving anxiety cannot yet be stated firmly. More studies need to be conducted to reveal long term health effects and other potential side effects.

If people have had little success with regular forms of treatment, then CBD oil is certainly worth a shot. Make sure you are taking the right amount of caution before trying CBD oil for relief of symptoms.

Always consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements, especially when it is not yet legal. If it is legal, you should still consult with your doctor first, as very little reliable information is out there when it comes to proper dosage and how it can interact with other conditions or other medications.

Inform yourself about the laws in your country or state before purchasing any CBD oil. CBD oil can be found in a number of online outlets.