Where Does CBD Come From?

Where Does Cannabidiol Come From?

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. There is the idea that the healthy CBD oil comes from the industrial hemp plant. This idea can be a bit confusing, or maybe it is for some of us. Stay with us on this.

Cannabis Plant

The cannabis plant is a hermaphroditic plant making it able to pollinate itself as it has male and female sex organs. It’s unfortunate for farmers who have seeds flying everywhere. The male cannabis plant otherwise known as the hemp plant doesn’t get the lovely flowers or buds that its sister gets. It produces some cannabidiol in the stalk and leaves. The CBD oil that it produces, though, is actually less in quality than that of the cannabidiol that the female cannabis plant is able to produce.

Industrial hemp plants are for the most part sprouted out of pedigree seeds in a lower-resin farm field where you can find upwards of a hundred tall, slender plants over a square meter. They are harvested by machine and then manufacturing takes place. The marijuana plants are raised in a high-resin horticulture field, reproduced from clones and there are only one or two plants for every square meter. They then get harvested by hand and then are dried out and trimmed and then cured. They are babied.

The female cannabis plant or the marijuana plant. This is the part of the plant that flowers. These flowers are the part of the plant that can get you high because there is a part of the flower known as trichomes that contain the THC which is responsible for the euphoric affect. Because the flowers also hold the part of the plant that contains the most cannabinoids of the entire plant as well as the most potent versions of the cannibinoids, this is where the richest, strongest CBD oil can be extracted. This is where the most beneficial CBD oil can be found.

The problem is folks assume because the CBD oil is extracted from the resinous part of the buds that they’re getting large doses of the THC included in that oil which they are not necessarily. CBD is completely isolated and separated from THC.

It takes a special extraction process to get the CBD oil removed from the flower of the female marijuana plant to make sure it is in the purest form possible. It is a very complicated process requiring extensive knowledge of the plant and the pulling out of the oil. You need to have expansive experience and there needs to be specialized equipment for the whole complex process.

Anyone who does this would have to be serious about their business. This would be someone who would have the Certificate of Analysis saying that there are no contaminants in their products and that they have gone through the laboratory process successfully. This is the type of reputable merchant that you would want to buy your products from. You would know that the label is accurate. The ingredients going into your body are safe and the product is legal.

Cannabidiol Discovery

Cannabidiol was discovered in around 1940. There are upwards of 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant with cannabidiol being the second most abundant compound. THC is the first most abundant. CBD gets a bad rap because of the THC being so close to it in characteristic and functionality in the cannabis plant. People tend to get them confused and falsely believe that CBD has the same addictive, intoxicating effects that its counterpart has. They don’t realize that, though they are so similar in their benefits and characteristics, they’re polar opposites in the effects that they have on the body as a whole.

Because of the confusion between the two compounds, legalities have kept scientists from being able to really do the in-depth studies that need to be done to prove the medical benefits required to get the Food and Drug Administration to okay its use in any form of medication except one drug that is currently approved for rare forms of epileptic seizures that was formerly uncontrollable. It is now being calmed with the use of CBD oil.

The federal government has not budged from its stance that CBD is a drug and will not render it legal causing the scientists the inability to be able to obtain quantities to be able to perform research. Thus far, the only studies that have been done have been performed on animals and in very rare instances humans but too insignificant to do any good for the market.

Regardless of if the oil comes from the wrong side of the plant, as long as the manufacturer is extracting it in the proper ways, eliminating the contaminants that need to be eliminated, keeping the THC at bay, it’s benefiting the entire world. There’s something to that. They say the most potent, richest CBD oil comes from the resinous part of the flower bud. There are people that can get it out with a bit of work to the process. These are the people we want to buy it from. These are the people who should be selling it. This is the CBD strain that is going to help people.